CPUSETS for Linux

What are CPUSETS ?

CPUSETs are lightweight objects in the linux kernel that enable users to partition their multiprocessor machine by creating execution areas. A virtualization layer has been added so it becomes possible to split a machine in terms of CPUs.

The main motivation of this patch is to give the linux kernel full administration capabilities concerning CPUs.
CPUSETs are strong jails, and a process running inside this predefined area won't be able to run on other processors than those given to him.
Some domains in which it can be useful :

CPUSETS allow to:

These features have been implemented as a kernel patch for Linux 2.6 and a suite of userland tools.

Typical Usage


CPUSETs are now integrated in the -mm series of Linux kernels.
However these kernels lack some interesting cpuset features that can be found here as additional patches: See the available manpages or a more detailed explanation.

Source can be found here.
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Mon Oct 11 17:23:40 CEST 2004