POSIX Asynchronous I/O for Linux - Old resources

square libposix-aio-0.3.tar.gz
square libposix-aio-0.2.tar.gz
square libposix-aio-0.1.tar.gz
POSIX AIO library (IEEE Std 1003.1) for linux 2.6
Kernel Patches for Linux 2.6.10
square linux-2.6.10-PAIO.tar.gz patchset for library release 0.3 and below.
Kernel Patches for Linux 2.6.8 (for library release 0.3 and below - No longer maintained)
These must be applied in the order listed below.
square linux- system wide default value for AIO max events
square linux- notification on request completion
square linux- notification on list of requests completion
square linux- wait (LIO_WAIT) of list of requests completion
square linux- cancel against file descriptor.

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