POSIX Asynchronous I/O for Linux - Old News

Old News
square Tue, 21 Jun 2005: Release 0.5
  • Added a benchmark page using Sysbench comparing librt and libposix-aio implementations.
  • Added patches against MySQL 4.1.12 for using POSIX AIO.
  • Old resources (library, kernel patches, ...) moved here.
  • Fixed CFLAGS in configure.ac for detecting kernel AIO support.
  • Added gcc optimization flag (-O3) in src/Makefile.am so that the library is compiled with optimizations by default.
  • Optimized completion events fetching:
    In __aio_get_res, update_events is called to retrieve completion events from the kernel via the io_getevents syscall. As io_getevents may return more than one event from the completion queue, it makes sense to check whether the event we're interested in has not already been retrieved and thus avoid systematically doing a syscall.
  • The POSIX Testsuite patch has been merged into posixtestsuite-1.5.1.
square Mon, 20 Jun 2005:
  • Kernel patches bugfix. Use linux-2.6.10-PAIO-0.4.1.tar.gz
    In __aio_send_signal, group_send_sig_info was used which checks kill permissions, but as we may be called from interrupt context we need to use __group_send_sig instead.
square Thu, 12 May 2005: Release 0.4
  • The aiocb data structure changed in order to match more closely the kernel iocb. The first 64 bytes of the aiocb correspond to the iocb.
  • New kernel patches are released to match those changes (previous kernel patches won't work with this release).
  • Patches for kernel 2.6.8 are no longer maintained.
  • Licence changed to LGPL.
  • Copyright changed to BULL.
  • POSIX Testsuite patch updated.
square Wed, 16 Mar 2005: Release 0.3
  • libposix-aio does not rely on libaio anymore as we were only using the syscall wrappers it provides for kernel AIO.
    Syscalls are now directly implemented in libposix-aio.
  • kernel patches updated against 2.6.10 are now distributed as a quilt patchset.
  • some bug fixes.
square Wed, 22 Dec 2004:
  • Release 0.2, change file descriptor properties to O_DIRECT on-the-fly and use temporary buffer when provided buffer is not 512 byte aligned.
square Fri, 17 Dec 2004:

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